Hotel Umrao Inn in loving memory of Late Sh. Umrao Singh Mittal (1913-1982) & Late Sh. Purshotam Dass Mittal (1947-2005).

 After exploring many ways to make a mark in the services industry, Mr. Kuldeep Mittal and his Nephew Mr. Piyush Mittal visionaries decided to create something that offered the discerned Jind citizens a place to unwind.  Umrao Inn is their dream to offer a plush hotel that offers the best in food, stay and service standards and the Team at Umrao Inn hand-picked to live up to the client expectation. A place where all the guests arrive and go back completely de-stressed. Umrao is a thought for all the corporates who are constantly seeking a new experience for their off-sites. The Team at Umrao Inn is brought together with care and a lot of thought. To offer the best to the visitors.

The Team at Umrao Inn, Jind strives to give their guests a memorable experience!